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One word describes this. Amazing… in the first night my girlfriend wanted it… That’s not all…..the first sex session was so good that 30 minutes later that night she wanted it again! I love this!” – AB
My wife looks forward to sex now…  she is now asking me for it rather than the other way around.” – MJ
It is an outstanding course that has after only two weeks made my girlfriend want more sex!” – OW
thank u so much for the info…  ma wife is asking for more everyday” – DK
wife loves it and is hornier than ever“ – TN

More Passion More Sex:
Advanced Video Training On How To Transform Your Wife Or Girlfriend Into The Most Passionate And Sex Hungry Lover You’ve Ever Seen

More Passion More Sex

It doesn’t matter whether you’re already getting some sex and you want to experience more or if you can barely remember the last time you had sex and you’d be happy with even once per week…

In this program I show you exactly, STEP-BY-STEP what to do to make a woman want a lot more sex.

And this even works if right now she seems TOTALLY DISINTERESTED in sex and even if it feels like there’s nothing you could ever do to make her want sex

Even if she claims she doesn’t enjoy sex, can’t orgasm during sex, having kids or going through the menopause has changed her, is always too tired, always has a headache or is never in the right mood…

This program has the potential to help you.

The program is 100% online and taught through videos in a style very similar to that of the video found above.

Here’s what you’re going to discover in this program…
  • My step-by-step blueprint of how to make her horny practically on your command
  • How to handle and overcome common objections to sex like “I have a headache” or “I’m too tired”
  • What to do so you can get her asking YOU for sex
  • The specifics of managing logistics, such as dealing with kids or work commitments so you can have tons of sex and passion even if you live a hectic lifestyle
  • About deeper-level female psychology
    • Most men have no idea how women really work so often they’ll shut down her attraction for him without even realizing
    • After this you’ll know more about women than 99% of men and so have the power to arouse and satisfy her in ways you’ve never before thought were possible
  • How to help her create and nurture a positive association to sex so she naturally wants more of it
  • Important mindsets so that having a passionate sex-filled life becomes a natural part of who you are
  • How to fulfil her sexual and emotional needs on such a deep level that you’ll become irresistible to her on all levels
  • How to handle common female challenges, such as negative past sexual experiences or physical pain from sex, so you can both experience more pleasure and satisfaction in bed (which will then make her want WAY more of it)
  • What to do when sex does happen to deliver her unbelievable pleasure so she’ll come back begging for more
  • How to make having a passionate and sex-filled relationship a permanent lifestyle change
  • Much, much more

Overall you’re going to receive a total of 19 videos in this training

PLUS, when you order today you’ll also get the following 2 bonuses for FREE…
Getting Her To Try New Things

Bonus 1

Whether it’s…

  • Performing new and adventurous sex positions
  • Her trying on sexy outfits
  • Roleplaying
  • Sex in more places
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Threesomes
  • Anything else
I’ll show you how to help her explore things that previously she wasn’t prepared to with you.
Just to be clear I’m not talking about being unethical, using trickery or doing things without her consent – I’m talking about how to give her the confidence to try new things with you in a way she totally loves and will thank you for doing with her.
Avoiding The 6 Most Common Mistakes That Stop More Passion And More Sex
Bonus 2
If you make any one of these mistakes it can shut down all progress you’re making to getting the levels of sex you really want.
I’ll show you how to avoid every one.
This is so powerful, because it could be that just one of these mistakes is stopping you from getting all the sex and passion you really want in your relationship.

Your Investment

More Passion More Sex is a comprehensive advanced video training program

Another advanced video training program I created contains half as many videos as this training and I sold and still sell that training for $297.

So, since this contains so many more videos, I could easily go ahead and charge $597 for this program.

However, because I feel so strongly about helping men live the sex life they want, I normally sell this program for only $197.

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After completing your order you’ll receive instant access to the entire program in the member’s area.

Now let me ask you a question…

If you decide to never do anything about improving your relationship, what do you think your life will be like for you in 5 years’ time?

Do you think it’ll get worse or better?

My experience in working with guys and their relationships tells me that doing nothing does NOT increase the passion or ignite a new sex life – in fact, often things just get worse and worse and you’ll keep having to live with the frustration you’re experiencing right now.

But on the flip side…

What if today you decided to start doing the things that trigger intense arousal and passion in your partner?

How would your life look 5 years from now if you made a HABIT out of stimulating your partner in ways that rockstars do their groupies?

My bet is that your relationship would be so passionate and sex-filled that you wouldn’t even recognize it.

Well, you can get started in making this happen TODAY, because in More Passion More Sex I’ll show you exactly, step-by-step, how to unlock more passion and sexual excitement in your lover than you ever dreamed possible.

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Jack Grave

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